US will push nations to anti-satellite

According to Vice President Kamala Harris, the United States will soon urge other countries to follow its example and stop conducting harmful, debris-producing anti-satellite tests.

Harris made that commitment on behalf of the United States five months ago, and on Friday, September 9, at a National Space Council (NSC) gathering at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston

she announced a forthcoming and aggressive international campaign.

Harris, who serves as the NSC's chair, said: "In April, I declared that our country would not test destructive direct-ascent anti-satellite missiles

And at the UN General Assembly later this month, the United States will present a resolution urging other countries to take the same step.

American space policy is shaped in part by the NSC. Several dozen senior government figures, including the vice president

the head of NASA, and the secretaries of state and defence, make up the body.

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