USAF FY 2023 budget: to confront China

The United States Air Force unveiled its FY 2023 budget proposal, which calls for $169.5 billion in funding, an increase of 8% over 2022.

The Pentagon held a press conference to discuss the Air Force's FY 2023 budget request. The Air Force provided it.

They made one thing abundantly clear from the start. The main threat to the United States is China's growing power.

That is why, like the FY 2022 budget proposal, the FY 2023 budget proposal represents the Pentagon's effort to focus on those technologies.

The combined budget of the United States Air Force and Space Force proposed to Congress for fiscal year 2023 is USD 194 billion.

The Ground-Based Strategic Deterrence Fund will receive $3.6 billion (up from $2.5 billion in the 2022 proposal).

The complicated United States programme to develop air-launched hypersonic weaponry would have seen its budget increase by $138 million.

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