The USAF wants 'transformational' changes in the 2023 budget.

In its 2023 budget request, the Air Force requests $234.1 billion, including $40.1 billion in "pass-through funds."

While the USAF receives $169.5 billion, the Space Force receives $24.5 billion.

The budget proposal calls for the elimination of 240 aircraft, including 33 fifth-generation F-22 stealth fighters and the majority of the AWACS fleet.

The 2023 request is viewed by service leaders as a precursor to even more profound "transformational" changes in fiscal 2024.

When compared to the budget request for 2022, R&D, testing, and evaluation would be increased by 20%.

The service would fund a large portion of the R&D increase by retiring 140 aircraft, including the majority of the E-3 AWACS and E-8 J STARS fleets.

In last year's budget request, the USAF proposed retiring 201 planes and purchasing 91 new ones. With the exception of 42 A-10 Warthogs, Congress approved all of the divestments.

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