VP Kamala Harris:test of pure innovation

CAPE FLORIDA'S CANAVERAL According to Vice President Kamala Harris this week, NASA's Artemis moon programme is the next significant advancement in the country's space

Harris, the head of the National Space Council, was present for the Kennedy Space Center's initial attempt by NASA to launch the Artemis 1 lunar mission.

According to Harris, it "was a test of pure invention motivated by the potential of what we know can be."

NASA is prepared to launch Artemis 1, an unmanned test flight of the organization's new Space Launch System, on its second try today (Sept. 3). (SLS)

Orion will be sent to the moon and back as part of the mission, opening the door for long-term exploration.

A two-hour launch window will begin at 2:17 p.m. EDT (18:17 GMT) with liftoff.

Starting at 12:15 p.m., you may watch the rocket launch live online. 

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