When Is Next Meteor Shower Seen Over US?

The popular Perseid meteor shower illuminated the night sky last month peaking between August 11 and August 12.

for those who missed it is that there will be more meteor showers to look out for later this year.

The Perseids are considered the most popular meteor shower of the year by the American Meteor Society (AMS) due to their high visibility

The Perseid meteor shower is technically still active because it will be visible from July 14 to September 10 this year.

 it should have been possible to see between 50 and 75 meteors per hour from a rural location.

Showers may not have been visible to people living in areas with heavy cloud cover or light pollution

the Perseids this year coincided with a full moon, which is generally a detriment to shower viewing because its light makes it difficult to spot meteors.

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