When Will the Next Meteor Shower Happen?

The dates of major meteor showers do not vary greatly from year to year, though the peak (or "maximum") of a shower may differ by a day or two.

the average number of meteors seen per hour (in ideal conditions) and the best viewing time for each shower

The Quadrantids are one of the best meteor showers of the year when conditions are favourable, with an average of 25 meteors per hour at their peak.

The peak of the Quadrantids is brief, lasting from about midnight to dawn, but the volume of meteors makes the experience worthwhile.

The Draconids aren't the most spectacular show of the year, but they do signal the start of a busy meteor shower season.

This year, the Draconids peak around the full Hunter's Moon on October 9.

These meteors tend to peak earlier in the night than most, so keep an eye out for them as soon as it's dark enough to see the stars.

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