Where to find Tableturf in Splatoon 3

Even though the majority of Splatoon 3's activities are somewhat action-packed affairs requiring quick decisions, there are still some slower-paced options available. 

You can always take some time to polish your wardrobe and accessorise your locker. Ink the most territory to win in the new Tableturf Battle game style

 a card game built on the same idea as Turf Wars. Although it scratches a more competitive itch

 this is almost as wonderful a change of pace as the activities that are more focused on appearance.

Tableturf Battle won't actually be available to you right away (even if you've previously imported your save data from Splatoon 2), similar to the majority of Splatoon 3's non-battle stuff

Get your character all the way to level 4 in order to participate in Tableturf Battles. 

 Although the single-player campaign is a good place to start if you're seeking to become familiar with the controls, you cannot level up by playing it

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