Why US Air Force Want The F-15EX Fighter

The United States Air Force has contracted with Boeing to deliver new F-15 fighter jets.

The F-15EX concept is remarkable in its simplicity: we have a great fighter plane, but our current fleet is old, so why not just buy some new ones?

The first F-15 took to the skies in 1972, and the first Eagle went into service in 1976.

The last F-15E Strike Eagle to join the US Air Force. The Air Force was established in 2001.

The fighter has established itself as a mainstay of Western air forces, amassing an impressive service record with an undetermined number of kills.

The project serves two functions. The first is to provide relief to the Air Force's legacy aircraft fleet.

The second goal is to supplement the Air Force's stealth fighter fleet, which includes the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Panther.

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