Yoel Romero:I don’t think I’m scary!

Yoel Romero is still a massive Cuban muscle crisis at the age of 45.

Over the past ten years, he has established himself as one of the most dreadful fighters in mixed martial arts.

As he pursues a world title in Bellator, the former wrestler is now on a mission to win the kind of gold that eluded him at the 2000 Olympics and in the UFC.

However, despite being regarded as one of his generation's most menacing combat athletes,

Romero says that he does not see what all the hoopla – or fear – is about.

He chuckles on the phone. "At least not outside of the ring, I don't think I'm frightening at all. I fail to see it. however, I've heard some state that,

Even if they weren't scared of Romero (14-6) before, twelve of the guys he defeated did live long enough to hear the final buzzer.

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