Zephyr drone land before flightduration

An experimental high-altitude drone that was being tested in cooperation with the US Army has come to an end.

only a few hours before breaking the world record for the longest flight.

achieving several marks, including the unmanned aircraft's longest continuous flight, which lasted 64 days, 18 hours, and 26 minutes.

The journey fell short of the world record for the longest continuous flight of any sort, which was set between December 4, 1958 and February 7, 1959, by just a few hours.

ADSB Exchange, a free internet tracking tool, was used by aircraft spotters to detect the conclusion of the Zephyr's flight.

The UAV, with the callsign ZULU82, was spotted hovering above the Yuma Test Range in Arizona on the day the trip came to an end.

The drone's fate after it touched down is unknown, although it most likely crashed.

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