WhatsApp now lets you mute individual users during group calls

WhatsApp introduced several new features last week, including Ability to mute people during group call (via) android central) This discretion-saving feature seems useful not only for muting people who forget to do it themselves, but also if you’re in the same room as someone who’s on the call and don’t want to hear an echo of what they say.

While some conferencing apps, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, let hosts mute all participants (or specific people), they generally do not provide individual users with a way to mute anyone during a call. The feature offers a new level of control that’s probably best saved for chaotic meetings involving up to eight people on a video call – or up to 32 on a voice call.

In addition to the new muting feature, WhatsApp now lets you message specific people on a group call, perhaps if you want to note someone during a meeting or make a joke that can’t fly with the whole group . WhatsApp is also rolling out a new banner that will alert you when someone joins the call once a new call has started.

The messaging service is building on more than just its group calling feature. on Friday, whatsapp announced Now that you can choose which contacts can see your profile picture, about, and last seen status which shows when you were last active on the platform. It can help to keep your profile private from professional contacts, or anyone you don’t want access to this information.

Earlier this week, WhatsApp finally rolled out the ability for Android users to transfer their chat history to the iPhone, as the company initially allowed users to transfer their conversation data in the opposite direction (from iPhone to Android). permission had begun.

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