You Can 3D Print the iPhone Continuity Camera Mount Before the Actual Camera Arrives

Apple’s upcoming Continuity Camera feature, which lets you use your iPhone as a webcam wirelessly, is quietly one of the features I’m most excited about in the next version of macOS and iOS — and it looks like I am not alone in this. Jonathan Waite, a software engineer at Apple, has already created 3D-printable mounts that let you stick your phone to your computer instead of waiting for official accessories to hit the market or even an operating system that will Enables the feature to be officially launched (via 9to5Mac,

The mounts, which Waite made for the iMac Pro and MacBook Pro, are relatively simple. They have hooks for mounting on your computer and a slot for a MagSafe charging puck that will actually hold your phone so it can point your camera at your face (and desk).

While hardcore beta testers may want to try to 3D print the mount themselves (or get it printed Shapeways. use a service like), I would probably recommend that most people just wait for the official accessories. homemade version More like Requires a $40 MagSafe charging puck, which also means your phone will have a little tail hanging off the back of your screen. (Though it does mean that you can technically charge your phone while using it as a webcam if you prefer.)

Waite says the iMac version of the mount is “unlikely” to work for 24-inch M1-powered iMacs, which is no surprise; They’re rectangular, whereas the older iMac design is a little seashell-shaped. However, Wight does provide 3D files on GitHub, so if you have a newer iMac or something like Apple’s Studio Display, you may be able to tweak the design to fit.

This makes me realize that the official Belkin stand will probably have to be designed to deal with a variety of monitor sizes, but we won’t get to see how the company manages to achieve that until the accessories launch later this year. However, it’s unlikely that Belkin will be the only company trying to come up with a clever mount designed to work with the Continuity camera. But anyone who tries will be beaten to the punch by Waite, who got the accessory before the public iOS and macOS betas arrived.

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